Are you looking for a fitness center in Thailand? You are looking for the right place because Fitness First has all the equipment and classes you need. Become a part of fitness at Fitness First Thailand today. And experience Exercise like you never before. Meet the healthy path you are looking for.

Why You Should Choose Fitness First

Every movement is precious. With the right amount of exercise. And include inspiration. We can help you reach your fitness goals. Gym full of exercise equipment. Various fitness classes For example, Dynamic Fitness Training will challenge you more.

Membership privileges

Join the First Team Membership Program with Fitness Professionals. To help guide the exercise.

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Private trainer

Your fitness goals only. Personal trainers will ensure that you get the best out of every exercise. Exercise properly with support. Caring for and inspiring our Certified Trainers.

Freestyle Training Group

There is nothing like exercising with friends. Freestyle Training Group is a powerful exercise. Including collaboration during the exercise. Including the use of equipment. And Certified Trainer To be a guide in every step. The best way to exercise in every part. And help you get better results.

Group Exercise Class

Various classes have been selected. It gives you inspiration and motivation to try new exercises. And new techniques Go with members with similar likes. Manage your workouts with a variety of classes, depending on your needs. View details on the schedule of each club.

Strength training

Take care of shape and get rid of excess fat by STRENGTH TRAINING using appropriate equipment such as weight lifting equipment. Or stargate You can improve your overall health while building muscle and bone strength. Trainers and our staff will help guide you to exercise safely.

Why do you love to train with us?


Fitness program for you.

All the training we provide is designed specifically for the program. And your goals It will be for you in every class, no matter what your skill level is. We will keep you progressive and stable. Accurately and securely


Specialized coaches are available in every class.

Our experienced coaches Will teach you all the classes you play closely. If compared to the gym generally. You have to pay high prices. To get a coach that takes care of you well, here are the Cross Training Grounds coaches included in every subscription.


Holistic Practice

Our program Practice to use the body to move according to natural law. Join with cardio, gymnastics, weightlifting, bicycling, skating and more to improve your fitness skills.


Friendship dependence

Our family at CrossFit Training Ground is the strongest. You will meet real friends. To inspire, challenge, and motivate you to reach your destination. We work together to build a society and encourage each other. For the best results of everyone.


Start Right

Our "Start Right" program is designed with security in mind. Cross Training Ground knows that the goals and nature of each person is different. And we are ready to help you.


Complimentary toiletries

All members can use the shower. And changing room Facilities Our quality is professional, clean and always ready before and after class.

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6 month
  • Save up to ฿ 4200 compared to monthly payment.

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